The Northern Biodiversity Program
A collaborative research initiative to document changes in the
ecological structure of northern arthropods using a comparative approach.

Welcome to the NBP's official website!

The Northern Biodiversity Program is a collaborative research initiative that uses insects and spiders as models for monitoring environmental change across the boreal, sub-arctic, and high-arctic eco-climatic zones. Details of the project's research, publications, study sites, and related information can be found here.

What's New

Field season 2012

This past summer was our final field season - three teams went to three different locations in order to wrap up collections that were necessary for the project.  Chris Buddle's team travelled to the Yukon Territory, and collected spiders, parasitic wasps, herbivores, and beetles all the way along the Dempster Highway.  Terry Wheeler's team travelled to the  Yukon as well as, looking for Diptera (flies).  Doug Currie's team headed up to Victoria Island, in search of additional localities for Black Flies.  All said, it was a sucessful summer and we can officially state that our field collections for the project are all finished. 

Into the autumn and beyond....

Several of the graduate students invovled in the project will be wrapping up thesis projects this autumn, so the writing and analyses stage is progressing!  We are also working to process our final samples from the summer, and have started sharing our specimens with our collaborators.   Some of our work is also getting submitted for publication, now, and we will update as this progresses!